Thursday, August 20, 2009

A World Full of Beautiful Bread

Was I living in a cave? Cause I missed the memo where bread could be more than a loaf or a roll. I have never seen, let alone made, a crazy looking bread before but that day has now come and gone....ending with a beautiful leaf cut Fougasse with Gruyere cheese bread. After seeing this come out of the oven I was tickled pink, granted there are a few little things I will work on for next time....things I will not say because you may never know the difference! Luckily I made a few little cheese bread sticks to go along with the leaf and ladder (pictured behind the leaf) Fougasse's and they turned out excellent. So right now I am cramming for the big bread test tomorrow and then off to sunny Central Oregon tomorrow afternoon to see the family for the weekend where I hear it's over 100 degrees right now (yuck!). Anything over about 65 degrees and I start running for the hills. This trip home might be interesting since I have decided to take little Poppy (the hamster) with me to meet everyone. She has gotten her own travel cage with goodies to keep her occupied. Knowing her....she will probably sleep the whole time and never know she left. Finally, I would like to announce that I have picked up my knitting needles again after about 8 weeks. The schedule is finally starting to agree with me (early mornings didn't exist before school started) so the energy is slowly coming back and thus so is the urge to knit. It must be interesting to see a knitting baking school student (in full uniform) with bags of bread traveling on the bus everyday. But I like to think that I am just trying to fit in even though trust me, my little getup is nothing compared to some that I have seen!

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