Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cakes Galore!

So it's the second to last week in our Intro to Baking class and therefor it's cake week. At this point in the game I have become completely turned off at the sight of butter and sugar when it comes to eating it but that will never stop me from turning them into a wonderful pastry for someone else to enjoy! Luckily next week will be bread week so at least it will balance out all the sugar. Anyway, so far this week I have made a total of 3 cakes that will total 5 by the end of the week. One of which is the shiny Devils Food cake you see. I cringed when the Chef said that we would have to pipe out the words "Happy Birthday" 25 times before piping it on the cake. There is something about piping chocolate that usually makes me end up in the hallway cursing but really....I didn't have a choice at this point. So while I piped the happy birthday's (the first 12, looking the way they did, I would never admit to piping...even under oath) they seemed to get a bit easier by the end. Then the fun part, actually piping a birthday cake. This two layer devil's food cake already has genoche filling as well as a milk chocolate crumb coating and genoche glaze but hey! let's add a bit more chocolate for the heck of it! So, holding my breath the entire time I piped the birthday cake. And just to be a smart ass since there was no one with a birthday today that I could give this to I made it an UN-birthday cake! The piping finished and I could finally breathe. I looked at it and was actually kinda proud. "Holy cow! I did it! Woo Hoo!" Then just for fun I got cocky and added a flower with vines and leaves. If you are on a roll then you just have to go with it. So if I do say so myself, being that I am in week 5 of pastry school, this cake wasn't half bad. The other cake is a Genoise (sponge cake) with lemon butter cream filling, orange flavored rosettes, and candied oranges in the middle of the rosettes. It has a graham cracker edge and is three layers. I was kinda in a citrus mood when I was making this as you can tell. So this picture is all that is left of this cake. The cake was quickly consumed today by my roommate's co-workers who I have decided to make my guinea pigs for a lot of my pastries that I bring home (which seem to add up quickly and take over the fridge). Those people are wonderful and are the perfect taste testers, mainly because they love everything. So cake test tomorrow then a weekend before bread week. Hopefully somewhere in there sleep is involved because right now I am on autopilot. Off to hit the books!

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