Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh the Humanity! I am DEAD!!!

I would like to be able to say that today I am still alive. Still in the fight towards the Sock Wars 4 crown. But as I opened up our mail box today I noticed an unexpected package. Did I order something that I had forgotten about? Wait....I don't remember ordering anything lately. So what on earth is the pac...... And suddenly it came to me. The air in my lungs escaped and I realized that today was my day. I was dead. So with great horror I open the package to see beautiful socks sitting within the tissue and a card telling me that I, Madalice, was dead. I knew in my heart this day would come but today was not the day that I wanted it to happen. I had killed two others in this knitting game but to kill is much different than being killed. Congratulations Ms. Naturallyknitty. Thank you for the lovely socks and I give you much luck in your continued battle towards sockdom. And as I ride into the sunset, I can only tell myself that next year my revenge will come and I will hold the title to Sock Wars!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sock Wars Day 10....And I'm Still Alive!!!

This is a picture of a death. Not a normal death but a death in the world of Sock Wars. A exciting competition in which you must knit up socks for a target before the person that has you as a target knit up socks for you. The possible must then send the socks to the person and the post office could be the deciding factor in whether the socks get there before you get your socks. Oh by the way, you can't send them overnight (!%^#$**#!). My poor target received these beautiful socks recently in the mail after hours of hands cramping and certain words being said over and over again. After seeing the picture of the socks on with a note from the dead one saying she was unexpectedly dead, I yelled a few WOO HOO's and had to tell the world that I had a death under my belt. Now I must admit that I didn't expect to make it very far in the contest since I know there are some of those crazy knitters out there that don't sleep and drink excessive amounts of caffeine until the socks are done. But surprisingly enough, there are almost 60 people dead at this point and around 210 alive. You never know what could happen! So in the mean time I continue to fight, awaiting the day I can claim Sock Wars property of Madalice (my competition name)!! I am off to war.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Camera's Protest

Well, I would love to say that I could post all of the delightful pictures from the past month of the beautiful things I have finished (included the wire bracelets I have started knitting or receiving my Associates Degree after 10 long years!) but unfortunately....the camera has decided to start it's protest towards better treatment. Granted, dropping it constantly (especially on the floor of Starbucks which isn't the softest place) probably was my fault in this tale but it finally decided that enough was enough and stopped working altogether. So I now go on without my camera, only able to create pictures in my head of the things I have done, until the day that a new camera decides to accept my job posting within the Bivens' home. I figure things could be worse (as you see in the picture above that I found on (lol)). So in the mean time I continue along, without my beloved camera and hope that one day both a camera (and the money to pay for it) show up at my doorstep.