Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Ramblings of Life

So what is the next step in life? Will it be something that jumps out at me and tells me what to do? Or will it be sneaky and completely unexpected? The things that you have seen for years, or only for mere moments, suddenly being the foundation in a complete change of your life. The people you talk to giving you a pathway to something new or something you hadn't seen. The anticipation grows as life takes it's next turn. The surprise of life is exciting when you simply let life happen. No more directing things in a way that wasn't meant to be, time to try to direct life in a way that builds up to something that we can see ourselves in the rest of our days. Each day is precious, and it's those that take advantage of that thought that see happiness for what it truly is rather than just another thing to acquire. Seeing the fight of a loved one against cancer has changed my life. A rocky road but one that will soon have an ending. So what to choose? So many options... and so much time to experience them all. And any bump along the way is simply a challenge I know I can handle. No more of the times in which the hurdles of life where so high they were seen as impossible. It's time to break through.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A few days older and a littler wiser

So never would I have thought that I would be saying that I want to stay in Bend. Just two years ago I was ready to drag this whole family out of here to get a change, experience the world, and actually be able to say I had lived somewhere other than Central Oregon. Max too was ready for a change but not with the instance I had. So now, after moving to Portland and coming back, I can safely and committedly say that I will be here for the long haul. Having family and friends around you means more as you grow up I am starting to realize. And if there is ever a problem you need to sweep in to help solve you are simply down the street. So yes mom, you were right, I fully admit it now (but don't get used to me saying that!). Now it's time to focus on the little changes at home. Making it a home that we want to come back to each and everyday. Finally it's fully landscaped this past week and the house looks beautiful. So for now I will simply be happy with an occasional trip to my favorite place in the world... the Oregon coast, as long as I know I always have my family and friends just a few steps away.