Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A few days older and a littler wiser

So never would I have thought that I would be saying that I want to stay in Bend. Just two years ago I was ready to drag this whole family out of here to get a change, experience the world, and actually be able to say I had lived somewhere other than Central Oregon. Max too was ready for a change but not with the instance I had. So now, after moving to Portland and coming back, I can safely and committedly say that I will be here for the long haul. Having family and friends around you means more as you grow up I am starting to realize. And if there is ever a problem you need to sweep in to help solve you are simply down the street. So yes mom, you were right, I fully admit it now (but don't get used to me saying that!). Now it's time to focus on the little changes at home. Making it a home that we want to come back to each and everyday. Finally it's fully landscaped this past week and the house looks beautiful. So for now I will simply be happy with an occasional trip to my favorite place in the world... the Oregon coast, as long as I know I always have my family and friends just a few steps away.

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