Friday, January 2, 2009

The Fate of the Log Cabin

So I am knitting away on New Year's Day when I suddenly see a small string hanging off the log cabin blanket I am working on. So naturally I get my scissors and go to cut it, only to find that in addition to the string I have cut a stitch. Now there are many different ways to react to something like this..... one may say "Oh well, I can fix it" then add a piece of yarn to the area and restitch the few missed stitches only to get back to working on the blanket. The more dramatic person may see the hole, say a few choice phrases "&^%&^, you &&^*.....I didn't want to finish you anyway" and rip the blanket apart, never to be started again. Then there are those like myself that see what happened and beg Buddha (or whoever you may look to at that moment) that you won't do or say anything bad for a month if you just keep the yarn from completely unraveling. All of this happening while my husband sits next to me telling me he has to go to sleep. My reaction "I am having a knitting emergency at the moment, just hold your horses". Then I take a deep breath, and I think I held it while I carefully restitched the few stitches. I don't quite remember which might tell you something. The funny thing as I look back on the few minutes in which the life of this blanket was in limbo is that the little things we see as emergencies or problems sometimes teach us the most. I learned that night how to restitch a blanket with a needle and yarn, and granted I look at it and know the exact place where I screwed up but no one else will ever see it. And what if they do? What if that one person decides to pick the blanket that I will eventually spend so much time on apart and find that one little spot that I screwed up on? Well I can tell them one of two things.....the first being "Kiss off, I would like to see you make something like this!" or the latter "I meant to do it!".