Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Sprained Ankle and Horton the Elephant

Let me just say....spraining your ankle is not a fun experience. I would imagine that the neighbors (even though I live on 5 acres) heard certain phrases that I have decided not to repeat here as not to offend anyone, let alone scare the children. Thinking that I would make the garden that I spent so much time on look beautiful yet again before the big move was a mistake I realized after ending up on my back with my ankle colors that should not be seen on the human skin. Luckily after finally deciding to go to the hospital yesterday since it looked like a golf ball was under my skin, I found out that nothing was broken and simply sprained. So I now hobble myself around the house with crutches and a splint strapped to my ankle. I figure many would enjoy the fact that they can sit back and watch countless movies with their ankle propped up but I on the other hand am going nuts even thinking on sitting here for too long. I knit for awhile but the fact that there is so much to do to move is daunting in itself. Poor Max is left to doing most of it while I sit back and simply direct traffic. The man deserves a vacation and soon. So I will resist the urge to run around the house packing, if it means I can stop using these horrible crutches soon (how people can use these is beyond me). I will rest and even sit back to watch Horton Hears a Who yet again, because I will say that movie is hilarious and cute as a button, waiting for the moment I can walk on my ankle again. So really if you look at it ...... my garden kicked my ass and told me to let it go and move on, there will be other gardens to play in soon enough.