Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Vacation

It's amazing how two months pass by in a flash. With each day, each pastry, each cake, time goes on and before you know it Christmas is but a few weeks away. So life has changed to baking by day and knitting by night....getting those last minute presents whipped up to sit in shiny wrapping paper under the tree come Christmas morning. The past two months have been filled with cakes ranging from one layer to six layers, plated dessert class that brings a whole new creative aspect to a plate, and coming at the beginning of the cakes. While I have enjoyed each and everyday I find myself enjoying the freedom that has come recently, trying new flavor combinations as well as not just having to "follow the recipe" anymore. Take the Pear Charlotte to the right for instance. Filled with caramelized pears, a layer of carmel mousse and a carmel glacage on top. For a reason that I just can't understand....I had the idea for a chocolate frog on top. It seemed fun and unexpected. Then there is caramelized pear chips with a carmel sauce and creme anglase on the plate. So the fun continues but the pressure has taken on a new level starting with this class. There is a reason they are called "Advanced Baking" classes. So as the pressure builds I throw myself upon the mercy of my knitting needles for a zen moment, in which they finished a fun little monster pair for my niece for Christmas and now are working on another gift for my mom. So all in all, just remember... when your souffle deflates or your chocolate tempering just isn't up to par that day, come home and grab your knitting needles. Put in the movie "Julie and Julia". Shed a few tears. Get some sleep. Then go back the next day with your apron tied tight and show the souffle, or the chocolate, who's the boss.