Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Little Funny to Start Year 30...

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So it's the first full day since turning the big ol' 30. Thanks to my wonderful hubby for my new spinning wheel and being the rock that I have needed for so long. Thanks to my mom and dad for the wonderful shopping spree and dinner. You are the best parents a girl like me could ever have. And thanks to all my friends and family for the wonderful birthday wishes and goodies. I have to admit I nearly had a panic attack about becoming 30 but thanks to the people around me... it may not be that bad. So the first full day of being 30 is going to include some lunch with my knitting gals, knitting/spinning with even more knitting gals for awhile, and come home to probably movie watching with the hubby... and more knitting. So to get the day started off right I figured we needed a knitting funny.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Trekking in the Argyle Frontier

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So this isn't technically argyle but it's as close as I have ever gotten. I have been test knitting a fingerless mitten pattern for a person on Ravelry and just finished. The green and purple turned out great together and has offically gotten me hooked on exploring argyle even further with my next projects. But for right now it's back to focusing on getting things done for the Prineville Fiber Festival... and the few other projects that are haunting me in my knitting bag at the moment.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Another one of my designs...

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So it sounds like I will be teaching a class on using handspun yarn to knit with at a Fiber Festival at the end of the month. So I designed and knitted this hat to teach in the class. While it's not perfect it turned out better than I expected and hopefully I will be posting it on to sell soon. Woo Hoo!