Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh the Humanity! I am DEAD!!!

I would like to be able to say that today I am still alive. Still in the fight towards the Sock Wars 4 crown. But as I opened up our mail box today I noticed an unexpected package. Did I order something that I had forgotten about? Wait....I don't remember ordering anything lately. So what on earth is the pac...... And suddenly it came to me. The air in my lungs escaped and I realized that today was my day. I was dead. So with great horror I open the package to see beautiful socks sitting within the tissue and a card telling me that I, Madalice, was dead. I knew in my heart this day would come but today was not the day that I wanted it to happen. I had killed two others in this knitting game but to kill is much different than being killed. Congratulations Ms. Naturallyknitty. Thank you for the lovely socks and I give you much luck in your continued battle towards sockdom. And as I ride into the sunset, I can only tell myself that next year my revenge will come and I will hold the title to Sock Wars!

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