Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Stitch n' Bitcher's Navy Blanket

The Redmond Oregon Stitch n' Bitchers decided that we were going to do a charity project in the midst of all of the knitting projects that we each were working on. This started many months ago with a yarn swap for Christmas. Then we took the yarn we received in the swap and made any size square we wanted with any type of stitch. Now I knew what I was getting myself into when I came up with this project because I have done this type of blanket before, but this one took the cake. The squares were so different and so colorful that many of the ladies thought that this was going to be the most ugly blanket they ever saw but surprisingly enough it turned out great and everyone contributed more than their share to the squares and the edging. Putting the pieces together was like the game Tetris, which luckily I am very good at! It was great to see everyone come together and when we gave it to the woman who would be sending it to one of the Naval ships along with others that were donated, she loved it. It was so heavy so it will keep a lucky sailor warn in the depths of one of the many ships. I am so proud to have been apart of the group that did this and it's amazing how generous everyone was! But I do have to admit.....I was so glad to finally give it over to her and out of my hands!!

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