Sunday, June 14, 2009

Graduation Day

So yesterday, Saturday June 13th, 2009 I officially graduated. Now, it only took 10 years to finally receive my Associate of Arts but at least it came. The ceremony of putting on the ridiculous caps, the gowns that look like they are supposed to be ugly curtains and the long speeches from alot of people that I have never seen before seems a little overrated. But I do have to say it's nice to have graduated officially. If you can tell that is me standing in the middle of that stage shaking hands with another person I didn't know as I receive my so called diploma. The funny thing is that I already received my actual degree in the mail two months earlier, but lets just pretend the ceremony made it official. It was interesting, suddenly receiving a cardboard envelope in the mail that held my diploma. All I did was open it, think "Woo Hoo! It's about time!", put it back in the envelope and went about my day. I do have to admit that I called my mom and dad then I called my husband, just to let them know that I actually finished...finally! So throughout this whole process my life has turned upside down, and as my mom reminded me in an e-card the other day, graduation is coming again in 15 months. And so the countdown to moving day begins, 7 days exactly as of today. But I know throughout everything that's been endured lately that I have learned who my true family members are, the ones that supported me on my way through the first of my two college graduations. So here is a thank you to the ones in the photo, my dad behind the camera, my uncle Keith in Vancouver, and my father-in-law as well (who was knee deep in landscaping across the mountain). You guys are the reason that I am on this road towards a great future, growing my dream of a bakery one cupcake at a time.

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