Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Blacksheep Gathering

You hear the rumors. "Oh, it's huge and the best show all year!", at least that is what I have been told. It wasn't until I arrived this past Saturday in Eugene, Oregon for the Blacksheep Gathering that I began to learn what everyone had been talking about. The incredible number of booths, all with brill ant colors of yarn in very type available. Then for those spinners there is the roving. Now, being a person that has only dabbled in spinning there is quite a bit I don't know (which only increased as the day went on) but what I do know is that the ball of roving in the picture is unimaginable. A booth couldn't help but walk into after seeing this site, was covered in these large balls of roving just waiting for someone to take it home to spin it into beautiful yarn. Of course the thought passed my mind about taking one of these beasts home but I knew there would be no way to avoid the look on my husband's face, the one that says "What the hell is that!". So instead I decided that I would take the first step towards learning how to spin these fibers so that one day I may take on the challenge of this magnitude. I now have some small batts of fiber and a drop spindle to work towards getting out of the spinning challenged category. Granted I have tried to spin with a drop spindle previously, only to end with lots of profanities and no yarn. One day I hope to move up in the world to a spinning wheel but for now it will be myself versus the drop spindle, and this time I will win the war!

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