Thursday, June 11, 2009

My First Sock Dying Adventure

The knit group got together today on this rainy Thursday and decided to learn the art of dying sock blanks. It was hilarious to see every one's different methods to the madness of dying. Some simply squirted kool-aid all over, some created patterns, and I being the nut that I am decided to paint a picture. In my head I pictured it coming out much different. Beautiful red poppies in a garden with a blue sky, definitely not what I ended up with. Actually what I ended up with looked like a painting by a 4 year old. But the experience alone was interesting. I would definitely do it different next time, I might adopt the squirt method and just go crazy. The only problem is that I ordered only one blank from Knit thinking I wouldn't do this again. I probably just did that so I would have to place an order again cause I love getting stuff in the mail!

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