Monday, August 3, 2009

Battle Wounds

Usually you would see the many photos of the pastries I have been working on but today, it's the rough side of pastry work. This past weekend while making hand tossed pizzas for my mom, dad, and hubby I received a nice burn to my arm. The oven door decided that it wasn't going to stay down while putting in a pizza to cook and sure enough, the war wound occurred. The only important thing was that the pizza turned out great. Now this fun burn is the worst of this weeks war wounds, consisting of a few burnt fingers and small cuts on my hands. Luckily I haven't hit the level that some of the people in my class have hit. Two people have already ended up in the hospital with large cuts to their hands, one of which ended up with blood all over the classroom. Yuck! And we were told about a student in the last class that either cut or burnt them self everyday of class, ending up in the hospital multiple times. Finally, there is always the possibility of loosing a finger. Like the student a few weeks ago that cut the tip of their finger off in one of the culinary arts classes. So the battle continues this week with cakes. And with each battle scar I come a bit closer to becoming a pastry chef.

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Judith said...

I had no idea that the world of baking was so dangerous. And bloody! For a view of a different kind of pastry hazard which I'm sure you will find highly educational, see here: Enjoy!