Monday, August 10, 2009

Baguettes and BLTs

This is a beautiful site.
Baguettes, and lots of them.
Today started our week long study of breads, before the end of Baking 102 class.
But then we get to go to another class to make, for 6 weeks, more...
Unfortunately a little kink happened in the midst of fermentation when someone decided to set off the fire alarm in the school.
So we all took off our aprons and headed down the 5 flight of stairs where upon hitting the last step was told that it was safe to go back to class.
So after rolling my eyes a few times and groaning for at least two minutes I headed back upstairs. Now this is the second time the alarm has gone off in the past 6 weeks and it always seems to be the culinary students (becoming chefs) that set it off.
I am waiting for the day I see actual flames coming out of one of those classrooms.
It's bound to happen with their track record.
So luckily the bread was still in one piece upon arriving back and after baking came the best part, making BLT's. It was one of the best sandwiches I have had in months.
Plus the fact that I made the bread kinda gives me a biased opinion but it was good!!!

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