Thursday, August 6, 2009

An Icon and Lots of Butter

I can now add a new movie to my top ten list. Last night Western Culinary Institute had a fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House where for only $10 you were served a three course meal in Bleu, the schools restaurant ($10 for dinner and I am there!).
After being served some of the most spectacular food that of course, was straight out of
Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child
we were then treated to an early showing of the movie Julie & Julia.
Before seeing the movie I only knew a little about the life of Julia Child, and only bits and pieces of the project done by Juile Powell (the other main character) but by the end of the movie I found myself having a new found respect for the woman that brought cooking to America.
Having Meryl Streep play Julia was a brillant choice, being that no one else could have done better (not to mention the voice!). And Amy Adams was adorable as usual and struck a nerve with me as Julie, being that I too will be hitting 30 way too soon as did her character.
So as I sat there laughing until I was almost crying, and sometimes seeing the exact things I had done in class just the day before, when I realized that I finally found my passion in life because anything like cooking or baking that makes you that happy is something you should do forever.
So I found myself this morning, slightly exhausted from the lack of sleep but jumping out of bed to head to class at Le Cordon Bleu exactly like Julia did in her life with excitement and anticipation, eager to bake and take on the day one slab of butter at a time.

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