Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baking Up A Storm!

So this week has been a bit crazy so far, and it's only Tuesday. Right now as I type this it is 105 degrees here. I am currently located right in front of the air conditioner in the living room on the couch with ice water in one hand and a piece of my delicious Quiche Lorraine in the other (pictured to the left). It is made with cheese, bacon, and onions with a cream and pie crust. I already have my next quiche in mind with a bit more spice to make it a bit spicier. But all in all it is great. On the bus today I had to carry this, raspberry muffins, and an apple pie. Let's just say I have become very good at balancing boxes (one of my many hidden talents). Some days I am taking home so many things that I have been running out of carrying cases and have to go buy boxes down the the cafe. Today I tried to put the Raspberry muffins next to the quiche but I wouldn't suggest it. I had one muffin face first in the quiche by the time I got home. Next we have the pumpkin pie that has already been partcially consumed by my roommate and her friends, which was no problem because I have never been a big pumpkin pie fan. Just because I had to, I did taste a little bit to make sure I made it correctly (or didn't forget things like maybe the pumpkin). The pie did turn out great but it is a bit weird to make a pumpkin pie in July. I guess we could consider this Christmas in July Pie. Finally we have the Old Fashioned Apple Pie. It's kinda funny cause if you look at the pie from above the top looks like a little old woman's face all crinkled up. With tons of apples stuffed into this pie, it has been calling my name since coming out of the oven. A little warm apple pie and some vanilla pie and I might just call it a night! Or in the case of the the weather today we might just leave it as cold apple pie. So as you can tell, I have been up to my eyeballs in flour, sugar and eggs but things are turning out great. We found out we have a three day weekend this weekend so that has been speeding up the week even more. The only problem is that I might spend most of that time sleeping but at least I will get to see my kids (my cats and dogs), my hubby, and my parents. Plus I will be relaxed, you don't realize how all the people, traffic, and overall noise gets you wound up! I want a nice quiet room with a couch, a pillow, a cold drink, and a TV. That sounds pretty good right about now!

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