Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hey! Cookie Monster! Try These Cookies!

So things have been a bit crazy as some of you are fully aware of. It seems as though life as officially flipped upside down and my life as a baker is slowly taking shape. I say this not only because I, being the person that loved staying up till 2am now has no problem going to bed at 7am or 8am. Why you may ask? Could it simply be cause I get up at the crack of dawn to go to school? Well, maybe. But it is kinda nice to wake up at a decent time and get everything done throughout the day. Also, this baking thing has started to consume everything I do. I wake up, to go to school and bake. I come home to study about cookies, pies, and the make up of ingredients. Most people can't say that their homework tonight is reading a chapter on cookies!

So speaking of cookies, this week in class.....cookies. And lots of them. These are only a few of the many that I have been baking (not to mention the ones that are yet to bake at school). Now, for your enjoyment, I will actually teach you a bit of what I am learning. The "checkerboard" cookie you see above is called a Brysselkex cookie. I have to admit these aren't my favorite in the taste category but they look awesome. In the first picture above you also see large peanut butter cookies that are partically dipped in chocolate and the sprinkled white cookies with Apricot jelly in the middle are called Linzer cookies (typically seen around the holidays).

Then finally we have one of my new favorites the Strassburger Biscuits. Made by piping out the dough in the forms you see above then hazelnuts and apricot jelly are put in each side. These are a lot like butter cookies. They taste great and are fun to pipe.

So all in all it has been fun so far. In no way would I ever give up this experience for a second. I do miss everyone desperately but please know I am busting my butt one cookie at a time to make you all proud!
So tomorrow, Biscotti and Almond Macaroons then on to tarts.
Cookie Monster, eat your heart out!

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Colleen said...

WOW, they look great. Sounds like you are haveing a good time. We are missing you though. See you soon at sock summitt.