Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Chocolate, Knitting, and Pizza

So day three in my adventure to become a pastry chef. Yet again we covered the in's and out's of proper sanitation (such as don't stick your fingers up your nose then make a sandwich, don't lick the silverware as a way to clean them, and finally leaving mayonnaise out on the counter for a few days while you think about making that tuna fish sandwich is not the brightest idea). Then in between these fun tidbits of priceless information we were let loose to play in chocolate yet again. I would have to say that day two with chocolate was a bit easier than day one but I still have a ways to go (I might have hit a level 1 today in my chocolate abilities!). Luckily we found out that day four, meaning tomorrow, will be including the art of pizza dough which in turn will be put together into pizzas (what else!) on Friday along with the fruit smoothies that we will be making. In two words..... hell yeah! So I now sit to ponder the inter workings of my professional baking textbooks while learning the baker's math that is really quite cool once you get it down. But the one thing I am missing right now is the energy to knit, seeing how I have been waking up at 5 am and my body is screaming at me to lay down and be a vegetable for an extended period of time. So I have decided to take a knitting class at Abundant Yarn here in town tomorrow to force myself to pick up my needles yet again and get crackin!
**A note to my fellow Stitch n' Bitchers in Redmond... I just wanted to tell you all that I miss you terribly and I hope that you all are doing well. I have seen the comments that some of you have left and I appreciate all of them. Just knowing I have my little cheering group back home (along with my husband and family) keeps me going. I hope to see you all soon at one of the meetings and in the mean time happy knitting!


Colleen said...

Looks good I would say step 1 for sure. good job sounds like a lot of fun. I will let everyone know you say Hey.

Judith said...

I'd be happy to support you further by eating any discards from the learning process (pizza and chocolate only, no rotten-mayonaise-tunafish or booger-sandwiches though).

Leslie said...

surrounded by chocolate and butter, a part-time husband, living in the big city.
You bitch, I'm so jealous.

(or maybe I just miss you)