Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Look Mom, I Doodled In Class!

No, it's not Max's birthday... but I figured I should get some practice in before that day comes. As day two of pastry school continued we got to final get our hands dirty in the best thing of all, chocolate. Being that none of us have had piping training yet our chef told us to at least do a "happy birthday" then play around with the chocolate to see how it comes out and such. Well, here is the problem. Instead of using a typical piping bag we made them quickly out of parchment paper. My first one's hole was a bit to big and suddenly chocolate was coming out on it's own....on everything! So my second try worked a bit better once I got the making of the cone down but I am not a professional by any standard. So right now I would consider myself a Level 0 (yes that is zero), and it can only go up from there. I just look forward to the doughnuts, breads, and cookies. They should have an exercise class at the school just to work off the pounds from tasting everything. Luckily the large chocolate stains that showed up all over my uniform came out but I can imagine that they are only the first in the many that are yet to come.

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