Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mama Mia....It's a Pizza!

So I can now add yet another talent to my resume, hand tossing pizza. This past Friday in class we were given the task of creating our own pizzas, from dough to pie. Now hand tossing has always been something I never thought possible, imagining the dough stuck to the ceiling or heaven forbid tossed onto the head of a fellow co-worker but I was ready and willing for the challenge. If you have ever seen the Visa commercial with the crazy guy tossing the pizza dough around let me tell you right now, that was not me. But I do have to admit that it went very easily and before I knew it I had a thick crust pie with chicken, peperoni, mushrooms and lots of cheese that was beautiful! As the Chef (what we call our teacher in culinary school) quoted Anthony Bourdain from the Travel Channel "If it doesn't have orange grease on it, it won't taste very good" I looked down at my pizza. Damn I am good, orange grease and all. So as I move past the first week of pastry/baking school I can now say that I can toss pizza's. Now that I think about it....it would be a blast to own a pizza shop but I shouldn't get ahead of myself. This is only week one and all.

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