Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Fuzzy Week

So last week went by in a blur. Mainly? Cause I caught the flu.
Our Chef (the teacher) was out sick on Monday and upon return on Tuesday passed on the illness to us. Lucky me!
So I would like to say I could remember the week in detail but with a fever every move I made was more robotic than anything.
Once Saturday came, the fever finally broke and I could actually hold down some food
but I was productive this weekend in watching over 10 episodes of Dead Like Me (I finished the series finally, it was great! I can't believe they cancelled it!) as well as 5 movies, a few episodes of Lost (I am trying to catch up) and finally a groove on my bed
where I laid all weekend in the fetal position.
So below we have a picture run down of last week, full of very fattening food!
Above we have a bread called a Pannetone. It's a traditional Christmas bread that I have to admit, I am not fond of. Before you even start you add many raisins, lemon, orange, nutmeg and almonds into dark rum and let it soak overnight. The outside of the bread looks absolutely ugly and is very tall once baked but some people can't say enough about it.
The classic Croissant. A beautiful thing.

Hot Cross Buns, you are thinking of the song right now aren't you! Yes, they actually have crosses on all of them and are pretty tasty.
Do I even need to explain the picture above? You can never have too many doughnuts, especially with cinnamon and sugar on top.
And finally a picture of what my table usually looks like at school (along with the cinnamon rolls from this week as well). A cooling rack full of bread just waiting for a hungry student. If you happen to leave the classroom with these tasty treats in view you will guarantee that you won't walk far because hungry culinary students will eat them all before you can take your next breath, or drive you nuts asking to have one.
I never see food coming our way from their classes! Some days I would give anything for a tasty burger, just to get away from all the bread.

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Judith said...

I've heard that the Italian pannetone tradition is very like the American fruitcake custom. Multiple friends and family members give them to you as Christmas gifts, then you pass them off on to someone else, but no one ever actually eats them. I can understand why. I don't much care for it either. Take care!