Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Driving Towards The Blue Skies....

Welcome to the view that I have typically on a weekly basis as I drive down the stretch of road for what is about three and a half hours on a good day, heading to beautiful Central Oregon. (Don't worry mom, I was stopped at the time when I took this photo....there is a stop sign you can't see to the side so please just take a breath) Anyway... this past weekend was my first time back in two weeks after being a walking disease the previous weekend and refusing to leave my bed. Once getting through the rainy Government Camp, I was greeted with clear blue sky and the rocky landscape as I worked my way towards Bend. Don't get me wrong, I love Portland because of the amazing color in the gardens of every little house and the ongoing smell of rain every morning I step out of the door. But I am not a city person....I have known that in the past but I am now sure! The city is not for me. I need a wide open area where there isn't a house every foot and you can actually sit in a park and hear the silence echoing through the trees. Having a wonderful neighbor is all well and good but I would prefer to find a place where I can't see my neighbor so far away and the land is measured in acres than in feet. As each week passes with school, I find myself searching for places to do my externship in June of next year and with that I find myself looking at places beyond the big cities that the typical externships are in. I keep looking for those in the remote places where I can look out towards the mountains to watch the sunset or see the wildflowers blooming along the roadside with their brilliant color. Those are the places that fascinate me, where I can see life continuing after this baking school journey has ended. So in the mean time I enjoy the scenic city lights of Portland, and then enjoy the drive with the windows open as I cruise home on each Friday afternoon to see Max and my family... usually with a carload of baked goodies sitting next to me in the passenger seat.

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