Friday, September 25, 2009

Welcome to Las Vegas!

Today was the last day of our dessert buffet class in which we were given the assignment to create a small display of five different small desserts. Each of the desserts had to be from a certain category of dessert and were served on a display glass along with a printed menu that we created. While having a theme was optional, I decided that I would have the theme Las Vegas (why Vegas you may ask? I don't just kinda happened). Starting Wednesday (since I was presenting on Friday) I hit the ground running in hopes to turn out at the very least 5 edible desserts! I will admit that I learned quite a bit along the way as well as running into a few hiccups but overall it turned out good. Here is a rundown of the menu I created.....

*Sinful Chocolate Chiffon Cake: This very chocolate chiffon cake includes a delicious red colored white chocolate raspberry ganache glaze. These little cakes are shaped to spell out Las Vegas.
*Lucky Lemon Galettes: Little tartlets with a baked lemon custard inside a sweet pastry crust then topped with a fresh lemon slice.
*Cherry Pavlova Slots: Baked, fluffy meringue in casing a cool lemon center. On top of the lemon center, fresh whip cream and orange liquor infused cherries.
*Poker Chip Linzer Cookies: Bright red linzer cookies baked with a mixture of almonds and cashews, sandwiched with a raspberry jam. Topped with royal icing.
*5 Card Stud Diamond and Heart Fresh Fruit Tartlets: Heart and diamond shaped fruit tartlets with a pate sucree crust, filled with whipped cream pastry cream and topped with various black and red fresh fruit (based on seasonality availability as well as an apricot glaze.

So thank goodness it's Friday since I can barely stand up straight let alone think straight. It was worth it in the end, got an A on the project and a new class starts on Monday. Sounds like we are starting viennouserie and laminated doughs. In English.... danish, croissants, and coffee cake to name a few!

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