Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Little Scare

So today after working my butt off at school to get my apple pie bars, lemon meringue tarts (it's about time!), new york cheesecake bars, and finally my maple walnut tarts all in the midst of being done I left school pretty worn out. So as I trotted along to the bus I checked my phone to see what time it was and to my surprise there was a text from Max to call him soon. Unfortunately he had to take Lucy into the vet today because her scar from having a benign tumor removed had a lump that was oozing (that is all I will say cause I don't want to make anyone sick!). All I could think about the rest of the afternoon was what if? What if the crazy sweetheart of a lab (that was once so tiny, as you see on the first day she arrived and finally became ours) has a tumor again? And what if it's not benign? The thought still puts tears in my eyes. The happiest dog in the world doesn't deserve to have to endure a painful test of strength yet again. And she definitely doesn't want to wear a doggy halo again, since we went through two of them after the last surgery...both ending up in pieces on the back porch with a little help from my in-laws Corgies. Some people think that because a dog is a dog that they just don't hold the same place in our hearts as humans. I am sorry but Lucy is like my child. Possibly the only type of child I will get to experience in this lifetime, and what happens to her....happens to me. Her big eyes and tail, that never seems to relax and take a day off from wagging, is all I need to make my day a happy one. So when I called the veterinarian later this afternoon to find out how things were going I got quite a shock. "Simply a cheat grass that was buried into her skin and got inflamed", "Are you sure?"...I said. "Yep, she is ready to be picked up". Oh thank god was all I could think. The little one is okay. A little groggy from the medication but her tail was wagging happily again. I could burn everything I make in class tomorrow and still be happy. Lucy was okay. And I bet she was happy she didn't have to wear the stupid doggy halo again.


Anonymous said...

Oh,honey, I know how you love all of your animals. I just know how scared you were, and I bet Max was just as scared when he had to drop Lucy off at the vets. Thank goodness all is going to be well. That cheat grass is a disaster to animals. That is one reason we did not let our cats outside at the rock farm on the lake. When we first got there we knew some people who had a dog that got a piece in the ear, and it worked its way through the head and came out the eye, causing the little poodle to lose its sight in that eye. So it always worried me when we still had our dogs.

What wonderful delicacies you made today-would be hard to pick the best of the list.

Much love. The Good Witch (in other words your grandma.)

Mimi said...

That's happy news. Hurray! A pet health scare can really shake you up. Every time my cat seems to feel under the weather, I fear for the worst.

Lindsey Lou said...

Thank you for all your kind words! I can't wait to see Lucy this weekend and give her a big hug. I have been asking Max to let her lick his face just for me since she enjoys letting everyone know how much she cares. Thank goodness Max goes for it!Lucy is already back up and around, just like new again.