Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Little Ones

So while I am up here in baking land, I have acquired some friends to help me along in my journey to become a pastry chef. Granted I would have loved to bring one or more of my cats or maybe Lucy the Lab or Keisha the German Shepard (scratch that....I can't even walk Keisha unless I plan on running after her with a broken leash in tow). Anyway, so first it was Poppy that came home with me. She is hilarious and is on the opposite schedule that I am, hamsters being nocturnal and all. So you can imagine my scare while I am sitting watching a movie today after class and I see something moving out of the corner of my eye. Poppy the escape artist. This was her, saying hello and she pranced around happily....outside her cage. So being that life couldn't get anymore exciting I decided that Poppy and I needed another roommate in our humble abode. So being that I already had a cage that Poppy had used only once before upgrading I went down the street to the pet store and came home with our new buddy. Right about now I can picture my mom rolling her eyes at the thought of me having another pet, but they are just too much fun not to mention it is a wonderful feeling knowing that you are giving a pet a home of their very own. But please know, I have hit capacity! Two little ones are just enough to keep me busy at the moment. So I would like to introduce Moo. Yes, the rat has a name of the sound of a cow. Isn't life grand. Moo is a black and white small rat that is about the sweetest thing ever. He is quickly finding his home more than suitable to his liking and has already tested out his wheel. Moo is fitting in just perfect. Another addition to the Bivens' happy little family.

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