Monday, April 4, 2011

The Hat Challenge to End All Hat Challenges!

I have decided that I need a challenge. I find that I love things like test knitting and knitted orders that have a due date. They make me push myself that much farther... and don't give me an excuse to procrastinate (in which I have a Ph.D. in). So thus I declare starting May 1st, The Hat Challenges to End All Hat Challenges (that is the whole name) shall begin. I have the month of May to see how many hats I can complete. I might want to scream by the end but I will get it done. There are 31 days in the month so giving myself one day to relax, my challenge is to knit 30 hats by midnight on May 31st. I will be posting photos to prove it as well. No cheating here! So I have the rest of April to get the projects done that I have in progress at the moment. I challenge anyone else that would like to join me in this challenge! Everyone is welcome.... I dare you!


Camille said...

Ok, let's gather hat patterns.

Camille said...