Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Green Thumbs

     Max and I moved into this house here in Bend around May of last year and we have loved it.... at least the inside. The yard on the other hand was something that needed quite a bit of help. After some talking with the landlord we got sod put in to both the front and back yard since neither had grass, only quite a bit of dust. While I was so excited to have nice green grass the problem didn't arise till the last few months when it became apparent that the sod was placed too late in the season last year and didn't get time to fully attach itself to the ground before the cold winter. So we do still have quite a bit of grass that came back but we have areas to fix as the weather tries to get warmer. In addition, there were no plants in the back yard and only a few in the front yard so of course I got giddy thinking of the possibilities.

     Max and I have now become Mr. and Mrs. Green Thumbs, working in the yard almost daily now to make it beautiful. Mas has put in so much work pulling out the dead grass to reseed it, fertilize it, water it... you name it he has been on top of the grass issue and it's starting to cooperate finally. I am so proud of the work he has done so far! And as he works on the grass, I have covered every bit of the gardens with lavender, geraniums, zinnias, poppies, and daisies. In addition I have put in catnip, potatoes, onions, pumpkins, carrots, and green beans. At this point there is no more room! I can't wait to see it all start growing and blooming.

   As we have taken over the yard, trying to make it look like a magazine cover, we have found a foe. A robin, who looks like he eats all day... everyday, has started feasting on my seeds in the garden. This beast visits regularly and probably lives nearby. It has now become our mission to show this guy who is boss because if I see anymore of my sunflower seeds on top of the ground rather than in the ground I might just lose a gasket. From what I can see, we just have to start testing out things and see what happens. If I have to create some crazy looking scarecrow thing I will do it. So if anyone has any suggestions, the suggestion box is wide open at this point.

   Our garden (and lawn) is on it's way and I will start posting pics as it finally starts to bloom. The plan is to have it ready for a big birthday party for my mom in June to celebrate not only her birthday but also that she has made it through the past year, going from breast cancer diagnosis to cancer survivor all since her birthday one year ago. I can't think of anything else that is more worth celebrating. So off to sleep tonight and on to more gardening tomorrow. I have barely touched my knitting needles in the past week because of it... I'm just having too much fun gardening with the hubby. But before sleep I have to prey to the weather gods. No more snow please!

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