Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tulips, Daisies, and Paychecks

     So a great opportunity came up in the past few days all due to a great friend of mine. Years ago I was a florist for the longest time and I loved it. Waking up each day and knowing you were going to get paid to play with flowers was a great energizer. So lately as I have been searching around for the best job for my situation at the moment I found a listing for a florist position here in town. I was so excited when I saw this since these jobs are few and far between... plus it was something physically I would be able to handle at the moment.
     Now you may be wondering "What about baking?!" since I just got done with school. Unfortunately getting diagnosed with fibromyalgia has put the baking on hold due to all the physical needs to do the job. Having it happen while at school and trying to finish pastry was one of the hardest things I had to do, and knowing that at the moment I can't go ahead with a pastry career has been very hard. But in the past I have also went to school up in Portland for advanced floral design as well as being a master gardener through OSU extension service. Flowers are a passion and knowing I get to go back to that, or at least have the possibility at this moment, has been amazing. So later today I may get to change my working status from unemployed to florist (and fiber artist...we can't forget about knitting)!

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Sarah said...

What a wonderful news...hope is good, so is a positive and impacting change in the near future--and one that you have passion for. Congratulation!