Monday, March 16, 2009

When Knitters Come Together...

When so many wonderful knitters come together it's amazing what they can do. At my Stitch n' Bitcher knitting group we all created squares that were coming together to create a blanket. The finished blanket is going to be sent out to the Navy and be donated to a lucky sailor to keep him or her warm on one of those cold ships. The response was amazing. We received squares from other groups in town as well! I think I finally got all of the blocks together in to what you see above. Tonight is the night that we will be stitching this blanket together and then I am going to create a border for it to finish it off. I was thinking of knitting waves into the border (obviously since it's going to the Navy). I am so proud of everyone and how much they gave. I feel truly greatful to be a part of this group and know so many great women who enjoy to do the same things that I enjoy. I will miss all of them dearly when I move. That will be a hard day but I know that no matter where I am I will have friends for life that have been created all because we love to knit.

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