Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Battle of the Mind

It must be one of those nights where no matter how hard I try, sleep just won't come. It's 12:41am and I am sitting hear wide awake while Max, my husband snores away. Now I could immediately blame it on him. That would be easy. Or I could blame it on Lucy, the lab, that seems to be having bad dreams in her kennel and is kicking the walls constantly. Or finally, I could sit here and blame it on myself. Do you ever just have those moments where too much is going on in your brain and there is no way to stop it? It's like everything you have been thinking about throughout the day gets held up in a drain and minutes before you decide to go to sleep the drain just magically unclogs itself and suddenly your brain is going a mile a minute. It would be times like this that I would sit back and knit, waiting for the peaceful meditation of the knitting needles working together along with each stitch being created but that just can't happen right now (especially in the dark). So as I ponder all of this I sit and hope that at any minute my mind will decide that it is finally time to go to sleep and relax until tomorrow. I will say that if my mind decides that it would like to continue with this all night party that I will be picking up my knitting needles at say....2 am or so. But let's not even consider the possibility at this point.

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