Friday, March 27, 2009

Knitting: The Beginning

So who do you think it was that one day decided..."By george, I can take two pieces of wood, sharpen the ends then take some yarn and make something to wear out of it". Was it a woman sitting inside a cold house, sick of waiting for the fire to warm her bones so she decided she would make something to keep her warm. Or was it another woman who got sick of hearing her husband complain about the holes in his socks so she knitted him a pair? Back in the days, I mean really back in the days, can you imagine having to knit for a whole family as a necessity rather that a hobby?! I think personally I might have taken my knitting needles, or twigs at the time, and stabbed myself in the neck rather than deal with that kind of demand. Even now, when people ask for something they better realize that I will get it done when I get it done. If I tell myself to get something done by a certain date I might as well forget it. As many others have found I presume, knitting for pleasure and knitting for profit is very different and could eventually lead to you not knitting at all. The things I create can't be for a profit, that is something I have come to grips with throughout the years. Those projects just become to tedious and mundane, and overall just make me want to scream. I will only knit more when it is something I want to make for someone who I know will appreciate it. Knitting is just another way to show your love to those that you care about and it's only when they realize the time, energy, and ability to not scream when you have to rip the project out for the 9th time, do they know how much you care by the sweater or other project you give them. All I have to say is that next time you have someone that doesn't quite appreciate the knitted present that is in front of them just let them know "I just spent ______________ hours (add total amount of time spent on the project including time thinking about, ripping out, and crying over the way it turned out the first two times, then times that by two!) on this beautiful project by george you will enjoy it whether you like it or not". By adding the last part there isn't any confusion on how to accept a hand knitted gift. Or worse case keep it for yourself!

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