Friday, October 31, 2008

Star Jackets for Everyone!

One of my latest projects, a star jacket that I found in a older Noro book. Unfortunately the some of the yarn stated in the pattern was long discontinued so I substituted Lamb's Pride for the grey portions, and the stars are Noro Kureyon. Well, shortly after buying the Lamb's Pride color Silver Sliver I found out that it had been discontinued!! I was short 4 balls and no one in the area had any left. There seems to be something saying "Hey Lady....don't make this jacket!!", cause I couldn't be this lucky could I? After searching the Internet and running into other brick walls, I found a shop called Yarns By Design in Neenah, WI. Barb at the shop went out of her way to find me the right color. She even ordered the right color from a different shop and is going to ship it to me. It's people like Barb that remind me that there are wonderful people in the world, no matter how many horrible stories you hear on the news. Now, feeling much better about making this jacket. I had already had some apprehension to being with, being that this was the first larger project with fair aisle that I had done. It's actually not as bad as I had thought. With each passing project that comes out great I find myself with the inspiration to work on more projects with harder stitches or more color. The best part of knitting, the inspiration that comes with the passing time. If each aspect of our life had this much inspiration we might find ourselves enjoying life so much more, rather than focusing on things like the economic downfall and war across the water. Who needs a therapist when you have knitting?

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