Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Magic Loop

After much debate I have started working on the magic loop socks that so many have talked about....but have been afraid to try. Is it hard? At first yes! While I have never tried the two needle method and went straight from double pointed to one continuous loop it was awkward to say the least. But once you get a couple rounds under your belt the rest is easy sailing. Granted....I have not finished them yet so my opinion might change slightly before I am done but I will have to say that seeing the two socks created at one time gives you a bit more determination to get them done. Working one sock at a time in the past, I have found that it will usually be at least 6 months before I do the other and create the pair. Doing the same thing that you just completed makes most cringe when as a knitter we are people that look forward to getting the project done and moving on to bigger and better things. Time will only tell how it goes but in the mean time...the magic loop continues.

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