Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Redmond Stitch n' B*tchers Have Arrived!

After much consideration, and some pushing by a few people, I decided to start a knitting group in my home town. While I love the group in the next town over....I keep finding it so hard to get over there while still trying to live my life of school and work. The ever rising costs of gas and the patience needed to get through traffic was enough to make it final. Now I am the only group member at this very moment but granted I have only started this 3 days ago on and just put an announcement on last night. I do hope this works out because I would really like to knit along with others so much more than I am able to at this very moment but time is just not allowing it. We will see what happens. And if it doesn't work out?? I guess I can just always keep knitting along with myself and Tigger (the cat) who seems to enjoy sitting by me while I knit away on my many projects.

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