Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Searching through one of my many knitting magazines, I found a small article about the newest way to block your projects. The Knitter's Block is a bag that carries multiple puzzle-like blocks that you lay out in the size of your project. The felt like blocks keep the project in place but there are also a small container of push pins if you ever have that project that just doesn't cooperate. Contained in the bag is also a soft piece of fabric, made of 100% Egyptian cotton can be used to either assist in drying the project or a barrier when you want to block by iron drying. There are two different sizes of Knitter's Block bags (the picture is of the smaller version), one small and one large. I recently used the Knitter's Block on one of my recent sweater projects and it was amazing the difference. I am so used to improvising when it comes to blocking. It was down to the point that I was using a large framed photo on top of the project to flatten it. Sounds weird? Well, you do what you have it worked! Anyway, the Knitter's Block is absolutely amazing and I would suggest it to any knitter. You can find the Knitter's Block at

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