Friday, November 7, 2008

The Christmas Presents and My Aching Fingers

I could do it. I could be proactive and have all of my knitting projects that have been classified as "Christmas Gifts" done by let's say....June. I could wrap them up and put them away until the 25th of December, in the mean time enjoying each day baking cookies and working on the other projects that have been classified as "Just for the heck of it". But I, as many people, have decided to wait till the last minute, in which I must juggle history essays, work, sociology tests, and computer assignments all while squeezing in the occasional stitch. As I look at the project that I have torn apart three times, just to make sure I get it right since it is a present, I think "Maybe it would be a good birthday present next year...or maybe Christmas 2009!". Pathetic is another word that comes to mind in this moment of weakness but that's a whole other problem. So why is it that we wait, and wait, and wait? Do we enjoy the pressure of being up at 5am on Christmas day, stitching together those last few pieces of an afghan? Or is it just life and the ability to get up to our necks in "stuff"? We are the only ones to blame in this situation (even though most of us are in denial about it). So in this moment of pure irritation in realizing that if I don't stay up till the crack of dawn to knit this project it may never get done....I look to those who have the right idea.

Just sit back, relax, even take a nap with a buddy, and know that everything will eventually work itself out.....whether you like it or not.

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