Monday, November 24, 2008

Oregon State Socks!!! Civil War Weekend!!!

So....if you are a Oregon Duck fan....move on to a different page. This is not the page for you. My husband came to me last week and asked for a pair of socks since his feet were freezing (our house can get so cold so layers are a necessity). Being that this was the first time he had ever really asked for me to knit him anything I was shocked. So I found a pattern by Knitting Pure and Simple "Men's Heavy Weight Boot Sock # 998" then changed the pattern slightly to have stripes at the top and orange heels and toes. Finally I decided to put a big orange "O" on each of the socks. Now I must be completely honest. I hate the "O" part and have threatened my husband's life if he even thinks of leaving the house in these things. They are doing their job by keeping his little toes warm but I do have to giggle when I see them on him. Oh well.....with each thing you knit you learn new things then move on (learning when to never do certain things ever again). Now that I look at the picture it kind of looks like his feet have mouths that are open, waiting to be fed. Civil War this weekend!!! Go Beavs!!!

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