Monday, December 8, 2008

A Stash With A Mind Of It's Own

First let me put this picture in perspective. This is a very tiny portion of my stash that has slowly formed a mind of it's own. I have started to find yarn in my piles that I forgot I purchased some time ago. That's got to tell you something. Why not plan atleast 5 projects ahead of time? Well, when you already have 10 projects going that gets you in trouble very quickly. So at what point do you stop and tell yourself to not walk into a yarn shop, or at the very least don't look at a knitting website that you can purchase from for atleast a month? I probably am not the one to ask at the moment but I say if you have the room.....stash it for a rainy day. There could be worse things in the world to have an addiction for. The way I see it is you have the addiction for the beautiful yarns and projects then to sit and knit is the therapy. With all of that it's still cheaper than paying for a therapist, and you can do it in your pj's at two o'clock in the morning if you want to.

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