Thursday, December 18, 2008

How Many More Days Till Christmas???

Right now I am on a roll.....atleast I think so. Working my fingers to the bone, I am quickly trying to wrap up all of those projects that have been sitting around since August waiting for Christmas to roll around and become gifts. Of course I put them off till the last second, but it does feel good to finally be getting projects done rather than just starting more and more projects each day. One of the many projects being the very cute stuffed elephant you see above that is for my niece. A wonderful project that I found on Ravelry, made with Lion Brand Thick and Chunky. It's almost sad to end a project, after spending so much time and effort in creating a beautiful object only to have it done. I think that is why I feel better giving most of what I make away. I know they are going to good homes, yes it sounds like each project has a life of it's own in my mind, where people can enjoy them so I can feel better about moving on to other projects in hopes to make more people happy. That's the one thing about knitting, it's not something that could ever be done to make someone sad or upset. Granted I do have my moments when I miss a stitch, or realize I just made two sleeves of a sweater that aren't even close to matching, but it's a learning experience and it's knowing that I know how to fix these things that help get you through the irritation. So as I keep working away, the days keeping ending, getting closer and closer to Christmas and the day I get to see many enjoy the things I have enjoyed making.

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