Friday, May 20, 2011

The Current Goofball

     For some reason Max and I have always seemed to get the weird animals. There isn't one I can think of that has been "normal" in any way. I have met other people with these so-called "normal" animals, but to this day one has yet to come into our home. Just looking back we have had Snowball, who was obsessed with hoarding straws and doing flips in the air. Yoda was the guinea pig that insisted on running circles around his cage for hours on end, especially after we had just cleaned the cage.. thus kicking out all of the newly laid stuffing. Keisha, our German Shepard who is afraid of the water and Lucy, her black Lab sidekick who was trained by Keisha to be afraid of the water. Both of these dogs we were hoping to take to the lake, so much for that idea. Then we have Stinky currently who likes to sit on her but with her legs out in front of her, arms straight out, sleeping on her bright pink stomach in the middle of the floor. Bernice, the hamster that enjoyed sitting on Max and watch Sunday football. Pumpkin, the beautiful grey cat that swears she can speak human and Aggie who only flops on her back when you say her name a certain way. Now all of these are just a few on the many crazy, yet hilarious, four-legged friends we have had throughout the years but then we come to the newest goofball in the bunch.

     Alice, an all black kitten came from a home where she didn't exactly get along with the big cats and thus was put on Craigslist for a new home. Me, being the sucker I am, insisted we add her to our home. As of this moment she hasn't yet a year old yet but it already seems like it's been a lifetime. Now don't get me wrong, I love her to death, but she is a handful. She thoroughly enjoys playing tag with the other cats and has no problem attacking me in the middle of the night. The big thing lately is what she is doing right this second. She seems to have a ongoing war with the water dishes in the house. She loves attacking them and dragging them across the room, sometime to the point of them tipping over. Alice has to bite them, back up, then go in for the kill again as if there was blood to be shed. How she finally decides when the battle has been won I have yet to figure out, but the war will continue with those blasted water dishes.. and she will be victorious.

     So we have a new goofball to add to the bunch. Another one to love and giggle at, and while there are those times where you can't help but get irritated with the fact that it's 4am and she just pounced on you, you can't help but look forward to when she calms down and cuddles up with you for a nap.... until she pounces on you again.

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