Monday, January 17, 2011

The Fear of the Needle

So after getting my fancy sewing machine in the mail I finally decided I needed to get over the fear of using it and try it out. After running through so many crazy ideas in my head I finally decided to start small and simply work on making straight lines. So easy you say... not in my world. I found some funky fabric at the fabric store and thought Pumpkin (aka Pump for short) needed a kitty bed of her own. After getting some much needed cheering on from my hubby I started sewing and after holding my breath through the first few lines and trying not to sew my fingers I finally starting having a little more confidence. Before I knew it I was done and started stuffing the bed. After stuffing I walked away for a moment and before I knew it Pumpkin was snuggled up on the bed watching TV. If I knew she wanted a kitty bed that bad I would of made it years ago. So, since it wasn't done yet I took her off the bed to hand stitch the opening. As the bed is sitting in front of me and I am starting to stitch Pump decided that she wanted her bed now and thus made me stitch it together while she slept on it. She has officially claimed the bed and some how knows it is hers. She is actually sleeping on it next to me as I type, looking pretty content. While it was adorable that she loved the bed, I couldn't help but giggle that I had actually sewn something and it was functional! Easy peasy or not... I did it. Even if I only ever sew cat or dog beds I can now officially say (to a certain extent).... I can sew a straight line!! Whew! One resolution down. So many to go.

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