Thursday, April 17, 2008

We lost a loved one....

I have taken a break from writing lately due to loosing one of our loved ones. Mickey was one of those cats that was just happy to next to you. He would come next to you and head butt you to let you know "Hey I am here and ready for some petting!!". My best memory was the one in the picture. For some reason he loved to hug the couch arm. He would spread himself out and take a nap and you couldn't help but laugh. He loved everyone and we loved him dearly. It's even hard to write this still, especially looking at the photo. Mickey has the most beautiful blue eyes and the most crooked tail! The day we picked him up at the Humane Society as a kitten we didn't even notice. We got him home and realized he had 3 breaks in his tail that had healed into the craziest tail ever! Even though he is gone, he will never be forgotten. We know he is up there with Snowball (who was his favorite friend) hanging out in a field of catnip. Mickey we love you and will miss you dearly.

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