Monday, April 21, 2008

My First Knit Pattern Design....

I was looking through the photos on my computer today and found this one. I am absolutely addicted to bags (especially new knitting bags). So after looking around for a new knitting bag to purchase I decided "That's it! I am designing my own!". After looking through countless knitting books to pull out the different things I wanted to see I ended up with this bag. I have always loved the look of the basketweave stitch pattern. Never having stitched an actual design into a pattern before I added the waves (and for all of those that know me.....I have always wanted to live on the beach). On the backside I added two long knitting needles into the bag to help strengthen it but also have a holder for the needles (plus it just looks cool). While I am not a seamstress by any sense of the word I attempted to line the inside of the bag with bright yellow and blue fabric. Well...there you go! I decided to sell it (since that is what I seem to do with everything I make at some point in time) and a wonderful person on eBay decided to call it their own. I hope they enjoy it because I enjoyed making it!

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