Friday, June 10, 2011

Crazy Knits- Week 1

In my many hours of searching the internet for knitting patterns, yarn, and other ideas to try out I sometimes stumble across those knitting projects that make you either laugh, or wonder what the hell they were thinking. Now I will admit I have had a few of those odd projects which have never seen the light of day but you will never see the pictures, that I quickly burned. So I have decided to start a new piece to my blog in which we show off some of the knitting projects that will make you either laugh or cry showing themselves off across the internet.

So here is the first in what I hope are many crazy knits shown off here on the blog.

So are you need of a instant clown mask? If so we have the one for you! I seriously hated clowns before but this one may haunt me in my dreams. Granted there were many other crazy knits, but this one is just down right creepy.

Have a picture of a crazy or unique knitting project? Let's see it!

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