Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Goodbye Portland

The time has come, and while I am ready to leave this never ending city... there are parts of it I will be forced to miss. First, the friends I have made along the way. Coming to this place in which I only knew a handful of people was a daunting task. But living amongst those heading down the same path as me throughout the past 11 months has brought some of us together. Especially two of them, who I have come know through of all things... knitting. I will miss you both more than you know. And even if I am leaving know that I am always a phone call, an email, a text, or a Facebook post away (especially when you have a knitting emergency). Also, though I cringe saying it... there will be parts of Portland I will miss. The dog park up the street where I have gotten quite a few giggles from on a bad day, the zoo where my favorite buddies Gus and Julius (the sea lions) do their graceful synchronized swim that can send you into a zen-like state, and finally the flowers. I knew the day that it was time for spring by the arrival of every daffodil in the neighborhood. They were gorgeous, and have been joined each day by more and more color throughout the many gardens in this city. The beautiful blooms are always followed by more rain, but only now do I understand that you have to loose a little bit of blue skies to get more beautiful red poppies or purple bearded tulips. Finally, I will miss the experience of it all. Moving from the only place I had ever called home was a task that was tough, but necessary in giving me the steps to try something new. I would never give this experience up for the world but I will be the first to admit that it hasn't been easy. Only now do I appreciate my family more than ever and look forward to going home to bring my family back together once again. It was this that made me change my next step in this long process, going from the Washington beach to Sunriver, Oregon instead for my internship. It was time to go home. No longer was I willing to be away, but just having the offer of going up to the resort in Washington is something I appreciate. So dead set on moving away from Central Oregon, this Saturday I move back there to start life there yet again. The time couldn't come soon enough but I am looking forward to the future as a pastry chef, a wife, a daughter, and a friend. Life is an amazing adventure, and this has only been a stop on the long journey ahead. Goodbye Portland. It's been fun but it's time to go.

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