Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Story of Four Little Bear Claws

It's amazing how time flies in pastry school, especially with only three week classes. By the time you are getting settled you are on your way out the door on a new adventure towards bigger and tastier things. It wasn't until I got home today, with four cake boxes full of pastries mind you, that I looked at the pastries I had made snapped on my camera.
The fact that many of these I had never tasted, as in the danishes which yes I admit....I had never had a danish, let alone thought I could make was quickly put aside by the picture of a brilliant pastry just waiting for a lucky person.
Out of everything the past few weeks I would have to say the bear claws are my favorite.
It's not necessarily the pastry itself, but the whimsical twist that I can put on it to truly make it look like a bear claw. Granted, the French just love to keep everything delicate and burnt to a crisp but I on the other hand tend to lean toward the American side more and more.
Why burn something that looks great at a golden yellow to brown?

And why can't I just make it bigger and better?
Finally, do the French ever NOT use butter in their food?
In this journey to find my pastry chef side I fight the urge to battle the "French ways" that are so often taught in the kitchen and put my twist on things but I must remind myself that my time will come......and then the gloves come off.
So in the interest of showing off some work as well as making you extremely hungry I now bring you a few pictures of the past few weeks in what is called Viennousierie and Laminated Dough class which is done this Friday then on to International Pastries (which includes Ice Cream!!!!).
Baked Vol A Vents with pastry cream and topped with strawberries and apricot glaze.

Apple turnovers stuffed with a cinnamon apple compote filling.

What is called a Fruit Band with pastry cream filling and mango, banana, orange, and blackberry topping.

Danishes made in a pinwheel shape with an cinnamon apple compote and apricot glaze on top.

So once the baking comes to a halt at the end of the week.... it's off to Seattle for an over nighter to see director Kevin Smith give one of his hilarious talks and poke around the city looking for trouble. Be scared citizens of Seattle. Be very scared! (lol)


colleen.monroe91 said...

Yum, Yum those look great. I love a good danish. Glad your haveing a good time. Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linds! I've been having fun reading your blog and looking back at the older posts. I'm sooo impressed by all the things you've been creating! Everything looks so yummy! Miss ya and hope you're doing well. Call me when you're in town next...I was wondering if you'd be willing to teach me how to knit...I want to make scarfs for Christmas. ~Rach