Friday, March 28, 2008

It's Time To Take On The Entrelac

I had always wondered why there wasn't a knitting group in town. This area is big enough where you would think that someone else has to be at home right now thinking the same thing....right?! Well, all I have to say it is about time. Today was meeting number one and I am officially hooked! While it is nice to just meet with others that had similar interests, it's always kind of fun to spy on what others are making. While some look to the most intricate of pieces, others just enjoy the basics and nothing more. It's amazing how there can be so many possibilities in a group of nine women. Now while it is great to chat with others while you drink a mocha, knitting away....there was a catch. Seeing the amazing yarns that created unique patterns and color schemes got my brain working.

Then we started talking about a knitting class that is coming up to learn how to do entrelac. Being the very impatient person that I am....I just couldn't wait to learn a new knitting technique. After taking Max out to lunch I quickly found myself at the local knitting store, drooling like usual. Would they mind if I just make myself a little area in the middle of the store, maybe pulled out my lunch mid day, and just knit? I swear I would let people walk around me, maybe even help them if I could on their project. I dare not ask..... I can wish though. Anyway, I found a great entrelac bag patter in Noro Kureyon and as soon as I got home I got to work. Knitting at every stop light on the way home was considered but quickly ruled out. So I took a pic of the first triangle before the battle wages on. I dare say this will be completed anytime soon but I'll just be happy to make it look somewhat close to the picture on the pattern. The best part....I may screw it up but thank god for felting (it's amazing how screw ups magically disappear). The needles are calling.

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